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Interview with 2012 DSA Song Contest Winner Macy Medford by Roger Russell

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Macy Medford and her mother Stacy.  Macy’s song she cowrote with Jonathan George “Just Me and You” was the grand prize winner for the 2012 DSA Song Contest.  Here is the interview.

Roger:  How old are you?
Macy:  I am 15 years old now.
Roger:  Are you attending high school now?
Macy:  I am a sophomore at Seven Lakes High School in Katy, Texas.
Roger:  What instruments do you play?
Macy:  Guitar and Piano.
Roger:  Did you take lessons?
Macy:  Piano for 4 to 5 years while I was in elementary school and I am taking guitar lessons in high school.
Roger:  What was the first time you performed?
Macy:  I played Annie in the musical production the summer before fourth grade, however, the first time I performed on stage was the school Talent Show in 2nd Grade.
Roger:  What inspired you to write the song “Just Me and You”?
Macy:  Jason Mraz inspired me.  I wanted a song with ukelele in it.  The song is a combination of songs I have written.  Jonathan George was the cowriter and helped to decide how the song was written.
Roger:  Do you currently perform?
Macy:  I perform in the Houston area and in Los Angeles.
Roger:  Is the song available for people to purchase?
Macy:  My whole CD is available on iTunes.  I also have a website: macymedford.com where I have music and videos.  The video on the first page was recorded at Marilyn Monroe’s house in Los Angeles.
Roger:  Have you done other performances?
Macy:  I played Tinkerbell in a school play and I am currently playing Janet in the school production of the musical “The Drowsy Chaperone”.
Roger:  What was the first song you wrote?
Macy:  “Bye Bye” was written when I was 13.
Roger:  Do you aspire to be a singer/songwriter?
Macy:  Yes, in the future.  I have wanted this since the 5th or 6th grade.  I always liked English and Poetry and singing songs.
Roger:  Did you know who Beth Nielsen Chapman was before you won the guitar she had signed?
Macy:  Yes, and I was proud to win the guitar she signed.  I was on the Fox Morning Show when the guitar arrived and talked about it during my interview.
Roger:  Stacy, how do you feel?
Stacy:  I am so proud of her.
Roger:  Jonathan George is your cowriter.  How does he influence your songs.
Macy:  Sometimes he can change a word or two that takes the song in a whole new direction.
Roger:  What can you tell people about the music business?
Macy:  People don’t realize what it takes to put out a CD until they have actually done it.
Roger:  How many songs have you written and recorded?
Macy:  I have written 8 songs.  I wrote all of them with Jonathan as cowriter.
Roger:  Do you have a manager or agent?
Macy:  Jonathan George is my manager.
Roger:  How do you feel about winning the guitar?
Macy:  I am so honored to be recognized for my songwriting from the Dallas Songwriters Association.  I am very proud to be a part of this wonderful organization.

In conclusion, I am proud of Macy’s accomplishments.  She has a bright future ahead of her as a songwriter and performer.  At 15, she has already accomplished so much.  Winning an international songwriting contest is something that some people spend a lifetime working toward.  Her talent is a gift that she shares with the world and the Dallas Songwriters Association and I wish her the best in her songwriting.  I see all kinds of possibilities for a talent like Macy, and I feel that one day I will see Macy as a star, and have the memory of the interview I did when she won our songwriting contest.


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