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CATEGORIES AND JUDGES:Finalists in each category will be judged by music industry professionals from record labels and publishing companies; Grand Prize winner will be chosen by A&R and/or industry professionals of Broadjam.com



Thursday, April 21, 2011


Adenine by Kyle Carey, Providence, RI
A Hole in the Fence, by Rob McHale, Troutman, NC
Blue Sky Blues,  by Phil Henry, Rutland, VT
Breakfast for One on the 5th of July, by Ed Romanoff, Brooklyn, NY
Come, Follow Me, All You Restless Sailors, by Phyllis Travis, Houston, TX
Easy Street, by Drew Ashe, Newborn, GA
Enough is Enough by Jean Synodinos, Austin, TX
Hill of Death, by Mark W. Courtney, Las Cruces, NM
Lady Luck by Ed Romanoff, Brooklyn, NY
New Year's Prayer, by Ed Romanoff, Brooklyn, NY
Over Now by Chatham Street, Stephens City, VA
Solstice Morning, by Tom Neilson, Greenfield, MA
The Voice, by John Friday, Bonita Springs, FL
Deception by Paul McNair, Dallas, Tx
For Your Glory by Jackie Doss, Dallas, Tx
Hail Mary by Joe Perlaky, Oregon, OH
I Never Realized by Robert Young, Hemmingen, Germany
Is This The Way by Charles Green, Danville, IL
Keep Walking On by Jami Jackson, Astoria, NY
Let Jesus In by Keith Thompson, Las Vegas, NV
Love Is Stronger by K-onna Mason, Provo, UT
Open Your Heart( and Let the Light Shine) by Keith Thompson, Las Vegas, NV
Promises Promises by Lance Watkins, Nashville, TN
Save Me by Joanna Endsley, Tyler, TX
Sudbury Rain by Matt Stemme, Castaic, CA
The One by Keith Thompson, Las Vegas, NV
You Carry Me by Brad Alden, Siren, WI
Angel In My Arms by Wyler Delray, Creve Coeur, IL
Armour by Jaymie Jones, Omaha, NE
A Place To Land by David Carter, Jude Jones,Cincinnati, OH
Everytime I Hit The Bottle by Jeremy Pike, W. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, CAN
Fresh Air by Carmen Logan, Lancaster KY
Grandpa, Why So Slow by Tom Biles, Keller,TX
In by Brook Malouf, Stan Gassoway, Dallas, Tx
Jim Beam & George Jones by Wyler Delray, Creve Coeur, IL
Just Can't Help Myself by Lori Bunting, Antioch, CA
Let's Gamble On Us by Larry Dodge, Dallas, TX
Love Drunk by Erin James, Nashville, TN
No Hard Feelings by Shane Martin, Independence, MN
Pass It Down by Andrew Scott Willis, Chad Tyler, Gallipolis, OK
River Dance by Ruben Estevez, Nashville, TN
Side Effects by Lori Kelley, Centerville, VA
Someday by Jim Burnevik, Minneapolis, MN
Tex Appeal by Thalia Kalodimos, Chicago, IL
The Color Of Blue by Jim Burnevik, Minneapolis, MN
The Perfect Crime by Jean Synodinos, Austin, TX
You're Just 18 by Mathew Stemme-Writer, Castaic, CA
After The Storm by John Visconti, Merrick, NY
Gypsy Dancer by Andre Kerek, Miami, Fl
Half Past Dawn by Andre Kerek, Miami, Fl
Laptop Lover by Paul McNair, Dallas, Tx
A Deeper Meaning by Stonewall "Stoneman" Towery, Clayton, CA
A Soft Place To Fall by LV Band, Glen Ellyn IL
Before You Go by Sebastien Parentin, Loudrefing, France
In Between by Marissa DiBlasio, Valencia, CA
Let Me Love You by Mimi Bakley, Don Townsley, Steve Ritter, Dallas, TX
Looking In The Eyes Of A Heartache by John Visconti
Small Things by Andy Hill, Renee Safler and Hard Rain
Sweeter Than Temptation by Mike Corbin, Merrick, NY
The Way Things Are by David Spence, Austin, TX
What Used To Be by Hillary Chapman, NY, NY
Y-E-S by Noel Cohen, Jeremy Bruce, Jennifer Marks, NY, NY
Airport Blues by Lanny Sherwin, Santa Barbara, CA
Dad Said A Bad Word by Lanny Sherwin, Santa Barbara, CA
Down on Grandpa's Farm by Patricia Lou Harris, Klamath Falls, OR
Femme Fatale by Jan Seides, Austin, Tx
Fernando The Fantastic Fea by Brendan Watson, Balmoral, Queensland, Australia
Jungle Beat by Patricia Lou Harris, Terri & Josh Finch, Klamath Falls, OR
Milkshake Lake by Randy Sauer, Hays KS
My Samior by Donna Lisa, Westfield, NJ
Oliver Otter by Donna Lisa, Westfield, KS
Poopie Diaper by The Monkey Bunch, West Toronto, ONT
Santa's Dream Flight by Glen Naylor, Bright, Victoria, Australia
Seabiscuit by Lou Harris, Terri & Josh Finch, Klamath Falls, OR
Tell Us The Time by Frank Fulton, Annapolis, MD
Thank You For Giving Me A Chance by Becky Wright, Tahlequah, OK
23,999 MPH by Christopher Fisher, Broadalbin, NY
All I Want To Be by Davis McGee, Orlando, FL
Diva by Steve Ritter, Don Townsley, Dallas, TX
Exception To The Rule by Debra Gussin, Los Angeles, CA
In Everybody's Life by Geoff Rotunno, Solvang, CA
Inhale Life by Mellina Barnett, Moreton in Marsh, UK
It Should Be Me by Janine Wilson, Hyattsville, MD
Keeping Time by Jen D'Angora, Medford, MS
Let The Right One In by Louie Cate, Alexandria, VA
Memories by Tara Priya, San Francisco, CA
Ode To A Tom by Danny McIntyre, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN
Sail On by David Bogosian, Eranston, RI
Stop Messin With My Mind by Marissa DiBlasio, Valencia, CA
Unfaithfully Departed by G William Boyd, Plano, TX
You're Everything by Noel Cohen, NY, NY
Breakaway by Steve Bennett, Lake Cathie, Australia
Come On Home by Vicky Williams, Ennis, TX
Crazy Daddy by Wyler Delray, Creve Coeur, IL
Diary by Steve Johnson, Hot Springs Village, AK
Don't Tell Me by Mary Munsey, Abingdon, VA
Follow Me by Paul Cataldi, Fort Worth, TX
Freedom by Dennis McVay, Canton, OH
Granada, Mi Amor by Jaime Leopold, Portland, OR
Happy Goodbye by Pierre Mongeon, Eask York, Ont., CAN
Nothin' New by Mary Munsey, Abingdon, VA
One Foot On Your Doorstep by Renee Safier, Andy Hill and Hard Rain, Redondo Beach, CA
Stay Another Day by Renee Safier, Andy Hill and Hard Rain, Redondo Beach, CA
The House of Thieves by Leni Stern, NY, NY
Water Wheel by Randall Kronn, Winchester, MA
What Do We Know (about love) by Michael Holland, Boston, NY
You by Jefferson Headricks, Wickford, RI

Winner of the drawing for the Ipod is Wyler Delray, Creve Coeur, IL


10. You can win a casio privia keyboard.

9. You can win cash

8. You can win a one year DSA membership or more.

7. You can get a free trial membership for entering online at Broadjam

6. Semifinalists get a chance to perform at the Awards or other DSA Showcases

5. Semifinalists and Winners get their names published in Songwriter Notes and the Press Release

4. Entrants can get peer review on their song

3. Winners get their songs on the awards soundcloud site.

2. Contest recognition looks good on your resume

1. We are a small contest, so you have a better chance to win.

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