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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Last night at the Dallas Songwriters 2nd Tuesday meeting, the following DSA 2012 Song Contest Semifinalists were announced.

1. Abilene by Michael Waid, San Antonio, TX
2. Broke Down Carousel by R.X. Bertoldi, Everett, WA
3. Find My Way by Chris Alvarado, Santa Rosa Beach, FL
4. Fine Line by Elise Fillpot and Red Roc Hill, Iowa City, IA
5. Good News by David F. Lykins, Antioch, IL
6. It Takes a Dream to Kill a Dream by Scarlet Moreno of Flowerglass, NY, NY
7. Kids These Days by Andy Hill, Renee Safier and Hardrain, Redondo Beach, CA
8. Magpie by Lauren Marcus, NY, NY
9. Raindrops From Heaven by Mark W. Courtney, Las Cruces, NM
10. Set It Free by Rorey Carroll, Prairie View, CO
11. Shadows by R.X. Bertoldi, Everett, WA
12. That Old Shirt by Steve Chizmadia, Peekskill, NY
13. These Days by Christal Prout (Chatham Street), Stephens City, VA
14. Vacant Plot of Land by Jeremy Graham, Jeremiah Webb, Long Beach, CA
15. Walk Away by Shelley Miller, Chicago, IL
1. Bookstore Blues by Eric Colville, The Selkies, Ipswich, MA
2. Our Gumtree Home by Glen Naylor, Bright, Victoria, Australia
3. Rock and Rolling Nana by Glen Naylor, Bright, Victoria, Australia
4. The Monster Masher by Lanny Sherwin, Santa Barbara, CA
5. Floppy Arm by Randy Sauer, Hays, Kansas
6. Goldfish Heaven by Brent Elrod, Dallas, Tx
1. Save Me by Josh Cogan, Boiling Springs, N C
2. I Hear God by Ronald Planks, Plano, TX
3. Blue Room by Keeton Coffman, Sping,TX
4. Is That You? by Debra M. Gussin. LA, CA
5. Ten Thousand Miles (Psalm 72:12-14) by Matt Stemme, Castaic, CA
6.  Holy Water by Spencer Clark, Saint Helena, CA 
1. Carry Your Rain by Brook Malouf, Dallas, Tx
2. Hello To Goodbye by Paul Kariege, St Louis, MO
3. She's My Miss America by Jeff Moxcey, Waterville, ME
4. That Boy Could Sing  by Gale Campbell, Kaufman, TX
5.  You Feel Like Home by Richard Harris, St Louis, MO
6. Whiskey Reigns by Mack Harrell, Boca Raton, FL
7. Need A Little Grace by Kimberly Torres, Kaufman, TX
8. He Was Her Friend Too by Chris Comerty, Colbert, WA
9. Sunset Silhouette by Kevin Reardon, Riverside, CT
10. Abilene From Abilene by Kevin Reardon, Riverside, CT
11. Teardrops by Mike Hyden, Ralston, NB
12. Liar by Daniel Sumber, Austin, Tx
13. I Love It When You Call by by Andy Taylor, Alpharetta, GA
14. Loving It Up (Foolin Around) by Luther Zachery, Annadale, VA
15. It's Gonna Be A Good One by Laura Flowers, Nashville, TN
16. Wish by Alan White, Adams, TN
17. Without You by Alan White, Adams, TN
18. She's Everywhere I Am by Shane Martin, Independence, MO
19. End Up Here by Ruben Estevez, Nashville, TN
20. Lie by Ruben Estevez, Nashville, TN
1. Dolphins In Love by Gavin R. Potter, Simons Town, S. Africa
2. I Need You by V. Padla Gootee, Arlington, VA
3. The Struggles Within by Diane Lekven, Jordan Perez, Rancho Sante Fe, CA
4. If I Stay by Katy Hardyman, Pampoolah, New South Wales 
5. Winter Solstice Between Heaven and Earth by Bill Wren/Frank Ralls, Valley Mills, Tx
1. Believe In Love by Robert Graham, Brockville, Ont, CAN
2. Do U Miss The Heat by Debra M. Gussin, LA, CA
3. Up Is Down by Mike Hyden, Ralston. NB 
4. Why Did She Go by Mike Hyden, Ralston, NB
5. A Love Song by Katie Hardyman, Pampoolah,Taree, New South Wales
6. Two of a Kind by Aryn Calhoun, Coppell, TX
7. Write About Our Love by Reed and Kathleen Ferguson, Atlanta, GA
8. The World Could End Tonight by Gavin Potter, Simons Town,South Africa
9. Tell Me Why by David Mowry, Philadelphia, PA
10. That's What I Remember by Randi Ddriscoll, LA, CA
11. It's All About You by John Townsend, London, UK
12. This is Our Time by Debra M Gussin, LA, CA
13. I Like The Way You Look At Me by Belle Schneiderman, NY, NY
14. I Need Your Love by Marty Rigby, Austin, TX
1. Trippin' On by Debra M. Gussin, LA, CA
2. You'll Be Back by Debra M. Gussin, LA, CA
3. Julie by Philip Creamer, Dallas, TX
4. Another Night by Ryan Stogner, Dallas, TX
5. Doin' It My Way by Kathleen Ferguson, Atlanta, GA
6. Rolling the Dice by G William Boyd, Plano, TX
7. Perfect by Steve Wilson, Haslet, TX
8. So Confused by Nestor Cora, Brooklyn, NY
9. Fade To Grey by Chris O'Neil, Heathmont, Victoria, Australia
10. Peach Hunny by Judy Hahs, Winfield, IL
11. Those Were The Days by Chase Thompson, Pasco, WA
12. Dark Side Of Paradise by Michael Young, Brentwood, TN
1. I Gave You Away by Becky Wright, Tahlequah, OK
2. At the End of Every Song by Lanny Sherwin,  Santa Barbara, CA
3. Bide My Time by Kathryn Hallberg, Spring, TX
4. I Am Not James Taylor by  Gordon Lustig, Napa, CA
5. Sing Your Song by Susie McLean, Mississauga, Ontario, CAN
6. Falling Down by Susie McLean, Mississauga, Ontario, CAN
7. Dreamers by Ryan Sy, LA, CA
8. So I Guess the World's Gonna End Today by Ryan Sy, LA, CA
9. Miracle to Me by R.X. Bertoldi, Everett, WA
10. Just Me and You by Macy Medford, Houston, TX

WINNER OF THE IPOD DRAWING:  Richard Chaulk of Top Cat Records, our guest speaker for the evening, was honored to officiate the drawing for the IPOD. And the winner is:

David Mowry of Philadelphia, PA for entry number 178, "Tell Me Why". Congratulations, David!


10. You can win a casio privia keyboard.

9. You can win cash

8. You can win a one year DSA membership or more.

7. You can get a free trial membership for entering online at Broadjam

6. Semifinalists get a chance to perform at the Awards or other DSA Showcases

5. Semifinalists and Winners get their names published in Songwriter Notes and the Press Release

4. Entrants can get peer review on their song

3. Winners get their songs on the awards soundcloud site.

2. Contest recognition looks good on your resume

1. We are a small contest, so you have a better chance to win.

Now in it's 30th year!

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